Caring For Your Peacock Chair

Peacock chairs are a beautiful product which, with the correct care and attention, can make a stunning addition to your home for a long time. They are made from natural Buri Wicker and are hand weaved in our factory in the Far East. As with any natural product they need to be looked after accordingly and we recommend:

  • Although they do have an intrinsic strength they are designed to be an occasional chair and not recommended for heavy use or robust treatment.

  • They are indoor furniture items and can only be used outside for very short periods of time in dry and warm (not hot) weather. Do not leave outside overnight.

  • The Buri Wicker can be susceptible to heat and moisture so bear this in mind if positioning your chair in conservatories, summer houses or orangeries etc. Try to avoid exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time and do not leave anywhere with high humidity, moisture or damp, if possible.

  • The Buri Wicker finish on the chairs is purely decorative and not structural. Care should be used when moving the chair to avoid banging the cosmetic parts. Do not drag the chair across the floor as this may loosen the uprights from the base. Pick the chair up holding it near the seat and not by the back.

  • If the weave does start to unravel it can easily be put back into place. Use warm water to soften the affected area and when it is pliable wind it back into place and carefully fix with a good adhesive or glue.

  • The weave on our Peacock Chairs are fixed in place with staples and tacks. Rarely some may protrude slightly but can be safely knocked in with gentle taps from a hammer.

  • Please also note they should only be used on hard, flat surfaces.

We inspect all our chairs before despatch to ensure they are in prime condition and free from defects. We wrap them thoroughly to avoid damage in transit. Please check your chair when you receive it any notify of us of any problems within 24 hours of receipt.

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